Coventry Bees claim narrow victory over Wolves in the Elite League
May 11, 2016, 3:14 pm     |   Source: Sky News

The Coventry Bees won a titanic Midlands derby against the Wolverhampton Wolves, winning 46-44 at Brandon.

There was nothing between the two sides throughout the meeting with both trading heat advantages on a night full of entertaining racing, and it went all the way to the final heat before the Bees secured the victory. Krzysztof Kasprzak was in fantastic form for the home side scoring 14 while Sam Masters scored 15+1 from reserve for the Wolves.

Things started well for the home side as Kasprzak won an awarded race with Joonas Kylmakorpi falling at the back after laying the bike down to avoid Jason Garrity, a move he was excluded for. Masters levelled things up in heat two with Ashley Morris holding onto third after James Sarjeant had passed him.

Masters was out again in the following heat after Kyle Howarth was excluded for touching the tapes, but it was the Bees duo of Chris Harris and Danny King who took the chequered flag for a 5-1 to the home side. Freddie Lindgren ensured the Bees did not extend their advantage in heat four with a strong move to pass Josh Bates, a move that the British Under-21 champion was not pleased with.

It was level again after heat five as Masters and Jacob Thorssell eased to a 5-1 in another awarded race after Garrity fell at the back, before King won heat six from the tapes in a shared heat. Heat seven was actioned packed as Kasprzak won again but it was a terrific battle for second with Lindgren and Harris trading places before the Swede hung on to split the Bees pairing.  Masters, down at his new reserve position, was a busy man on the night and won heat eight with Kacper Woryna and Thorssell fighting for second with the Pole coming out on top meaning the scores were level after eight heats.

Wolves regained the lead in heat nine as Lindgren eased to victory with Masters getting past Garrity on the final lap to join his partner for a maximum, but the lead was once again short lived as the Bees bounced back with their own 5-1 courtesy of King and Harris.

The Bees` momentum continued in heat 11 as they recorded another maximum with the in-form Kasprzak winning the heat with teammate Garrity rounding Howarth and hanging onto second. Heat 12 was full of controversy as Masters` bike seemed to pack up on the start line exceeding the two minutes allowance, but the Australian was allowed to start from the tapes after solving his bike issues and won with ease for a 5-1 with Morris joining him to level the scores at 36-36 with three heats to go.

The titanic battle continued in heat 13 as the Bees then responded with a 5-1 of their own thanks to the unbeatable Kasprzak taking the win with Harris holding off Kylmakorpi for second, giving the home side a four point lead with two heats to go.

Heat 14 was the heat of the night as the home duo of King and Woryna looked set for another maximum but a phenomenal last lap from Lindgren ensured the win was not sealed for Gary Havelock`s men. Lindgren rounded Woryna before cutting up the inside of King on the final bend to take a fantastic victory and take the meeting to a last heat decider.

The drama continued all the way to the end as Harris went down under pressure from Lindgren in heat 15 and was excluded from the re-run. Lindgren won the re-run but with Kasprzak in second the Bees won the meeting 46-44 with Wolves claiming a consolation point.

In the other meeting of the evening Leicester and Poole drew 46-46 at the Beaumont Park Stadium. Bottom side Leicester looked to be on the way to a win holding a 12 point lead after eight heats but the Pirates battled back in the second half of the meeting to snatch a draw at the death. Leicester`s top man was Szymon Wozniak with 11+1 while Chris Holder scored 10+1 for the Pirates.


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